(Video) Boxing referee stretchered out of the ring following accidental KO

A boxing referee recently got in the line of fire during a boxing match between Irvin Turrubiartes and Gerardo Valenzuela.

The match was refereed by Mexican Jesus Granados who found himself in a precarious situation due to stepping too close to the boxing action.

Granados was hit near the solar plexus by Irvin Turrubiartes who was aiming for Valenzuela with ten seconds to go before the end of the third round.

Granados initially stayed on his feet despite his obvious struggle. Quickly he asked for medical attention.

Following the medical intervention he ended up on his back by the side of the ring as the doctor unbuttoned his shirt and evaluated his condition.

A replacement ref was signaled to get into the octagon after his colleague was stretchered out.

Turrubiartes went on to win with a 7th round knock out.

The audience’s concern for the ref was alleviated after the boxing match had concluded. It’s been confirmed Granados had recovered after treatment at the first aid room and didn’t need to be hospitalized.

The footage clearly shows him getting his and the boxer who had accidentally punched him lifted his glove up to apologize before carrying on with the boxing match.
He went down on his knees the moment the bell sounded seconds later as a TV commentator said: “The referee is obviously hurt from the right hook he received.”

The surprising incident happened during a featherweight fight in the northern Mexican city of Chihuahua broadcast live at the weekend on TV Azteca.

Mike Tyson accidentally landed a powerful left hook on British ref John Coyle in June 2000.

More recently an MMA fighter landed a Rolling thunder and knocked out a referee inadvertently.