Eddie Hall willing to get tattoo of Thor Bjornsson to facilitate rematch

The former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall said he will get a tattoo of Thor Bjornsson next to ‘World’s strongest man’ to secure a rematch with him.

The two former Strongmen exchanged blows in an exhibition boxing match booked as ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match In History’. Bjornsson came out as the winner via unanimous decision. Hall clearly was not satisfied with the result and called Bjornsson for a rematch.

Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson are arch enemies, but that was not always the case. Photo: Facebook

Fighting one of the biggest men on earth in his boxing debut clearly gave Hall quite the experience. Previously, Eddie Hall has expressed his interest in clashing with Thor again in a boxing ring.

“It’s been a hell of a journey. I’ve enjoyed it and hopefully there’s a rematch and we can do business again. I want to wish everyone out there that you’re staying safe, staying positive and you keep moving forward in life.” Hall said in his Instagram account.

Now, Eddie Hall took a step further to call out Bjornsson. The 34-year-old British planned to get Bjornsson’s name tattooed on his body. In his YouTube channel, Hall said he has reached Bjornsson in a formal way, but ended up with zero result. Hall then decided to do something similar to what Tyron Woodley did to call out Jake Paul.

“We never had anything formal in writing; I did try to, I reached out to the promoter a couple of times trying to get a zoom call with Thor but it never came to that. There is no stipulation as to how big, the color or where, other than what was said on YouTube.” Hall said.

Eddie Hall is not sure yet where he will ink Bjornsson’s name on his body, but he confirmed that it will surely happen if Bjornsson doesn’t respond to him.

“I guess it’s going to be used as a tool for the rematch and I would do the same. I wouldn’t do the rematch if Thor didn’t get the tattoo. It will happen, I will do it in my own time. I will get the rematch clause written up before I do and that might take some time, but I’m a man of my word and if it’s going to happen, it will happen. I can see the funny side of things at the end of the day. The loss is a tough thing to take but it is what it is.” Hall added.

Thor Bjornsson himself is willing to give Hall what he wants.

“Understandably, he seemed a bit angry still. He lost the fight so it’s understandable as well. But I’m happy, if he wants the rematch I’ll take a rematch no problem. Would you guys like to see a rematch?” Bjornsson said.