Tyron Woodley Takes A Call From Concerned Family After Jake Paul KO

Tyron Woodley suffered a serious set back – the former UFC champion is now 0-2 in boxing against youtuber Jake Paul.


Woodley and Paul appeared to have an uneventful fight with plenty of clinching until the fateful 6th round. Early on in the round Paul threw a spectacular right rendering the 39 year old unconscious. Last time Tyron Woodley was knocked out was in 2012 by Nate Marquardt. Woodley modeled his MMA career after another power wrestler turned striker in Josh Koshchek but apparently the difference between MMA and boxing was too much for him and he was outclassed. Prior to getting knocked out Woodley was losing an uneventful decision.

It’s unclear how this performance will affect further match ups considering that there are people who are already crying out that the knock out was staged. However Woodley’s family is not among those pushing hoax rumors – they were heard calling the professional fighter to check in.

Arriving to fulfil his post-fight duties, Woodley opted to turn on the speakerphone as he spoke to his family:

‘Hey dude, love you, I’m good,’ he said, speaking to his son. ‘Don’t want you to worry about me, many people have got knocked out by me.’

‘I promise you I’m OK,’ he continued. ‘What did I tell you? I’m good. Alright, I love you.’

Woodley explained his decision to share the moment.

‘Normally I would have did that private,’ he said. ‘But I felt like after these two rolls with Jake, the production, the media, we’re kind of family as well.

‘You guys got to know a lot about me. In the UFC you didn’t get the chance to know me, to know what I fight for. That’s what I fight for, for my kids and my family.’

Woodley insisted it was all because of one mistake:

He said: ‘I went back and I looked at it, and I thought: “Why the f**k did I drop my hands?”

‘I had both hands up, I knew it was coming. I was ready to block the overhand. I don’t know if he delayed it. Even if he didn’t, I don’t know why I dropped my hands. In this sport, it only takes one mistake.’