Eddie Hall must tattoo Hafthor Bjornsson’s name after boxing loss, as per their contract

Eddie Hall put in a valiant effort but came up short against Icelandic giant Hafthor Bjornsson. Bjornsson might have become a household name thanks to his appearance on popular HBO show Game of thrones, but his peak athletic achievement is having won Strongman of the year award. Hall won the same award previously but was accused of Bjornsson of cheating, which is a grudge that facilitated the match up.

Following the boxing bout a contract that the two signed has become a hot topic. As per the rules of their agreement Hall may request a rematch. Considering the bout went the distance this past weekend, Hall was quick to request it saying:

“It’s been a hell of a journey; I’ve enjoyed it and hopefully there’s a rematch and we can do business again. I want to wish everyone out there that you’re staying safe, staying positive and you keep moving forward in life.” Hall said

Meanwhile Bjornsson wasn’t as upbeat about the possible rematch saying he would like to leave the rivalry behind him.
“I respect him as an athlete but I just want to move on. Honestly I really wouldn’t want a rematch because I want to move on.”

“I don’t really want to communicate with him. We’re not going to be best friends, that’s just a fact. But if he wants the rematch I’ll give it to him 100 per cent.”

Bjornsson seems marginally more hyped to face Hall’s longtime friend and supporter Martyn Ford who has his own boxing adventure in the works.

But regardless of what the two want, it’s interesting to shine the spotlight on another clause: per the terms of a bet struck before the fight, Hall should now have “World’s Strongest Man” and the winner’s name inked on to his skin.