Colby Covington sacked his agent and is representing himself – which is likely why he got no PPV points for Masvidal bout

UFC welterweight Colby Covington has attacked fellow UFC fighters for protesting against UFC’s pay structure in a recent guest spot on the Full send podcast. Covington appears to have had a sudden change of heart – considering that he himself raised this issue back in 2019 and even threatened to leave the UFC forever and join sports entertainment tycoon ‘WWE’.

“We got a good connection over there, because my teammate Bobby Lashley and his agent, who’s also my agent, Dan Lambert. Mr. Dan Lambert, who owns American Top Team, he keeps in touch with him, and [WWE] definitely know who I am and see what I’m doing,” stated Covington back in 2019 during a guest appearance on Submission Radio.

While speaking to MMA Journalist Ariel Helwani in 2019, Colby added:

“UFC needs to pay up and if they don’t pay up after this fight you will probably see me in WWE.” He added, “I am willing to retire after Saturday night and go to WWE forever and leave this stupid corrupt business behind.”

Covington told the Nelk boys something very different on the Full send podcast:

“I think it’s a joke. I think all the people that are complaining about fighter pay are the same fighters that can’t put their name out there. And put any hype behind any of their fights.”

“So they don’t deserve to be paid, you know. So you can get your piece of the pie. But you need to earn it, you know. Nothing’s given here. There are no handouts here in America. If you want something, you know you got to get it and earn it.” Covington concluded.

Covington went on to reveal he parted ways with his management.

“The managers are just middlemen and they don’t really do anything. They’re not going out there to fight so why am I going to pay a lot of money to a manager when they do nothing, you know? I’d rather take destiny in my own hands I’ll go talk to Dana and Hunter. Hunter Campbell is the guy that I talk to a lot. Shout out to Hunter Campbell that guy’s [ __ ] the goat ”

Covington continued: ” love that guy but I go talk to him directly and he’s just, you know, we talk our business we get everything settled.”

This prompted one of the Nelk boys to ask if that isn’t adding to his stress levels. Covington replied:
“No I’m pretty good at compartment – compartmentalizing like putting things away that is bad emotion and just
keeping the good emotion and being happy and thankful for everything I have and and uh just not really worrying about that [ __ ]. Not stressing about it.”

Covington went on to claim he benefitted from the new arrangement:
“It’s became a lot better these days a lot more transparent because, you know, I cut out the middleman and I know what I’m going to get from the UFC and I know what I’m, you know, the numbers I’m doing for their business so I know like kind of where the ballpark of figures I should be making”

‘Chaos’ last battled former best-friend turned arch-nemesis Jorge Masvidal at UFC 272. Covington dominated Masvidal for 25 minutes and won via decision. He confirmed this was his biggest payday to date – but Covington still didn’t get any PPV points.

“I forgoed the pay-per-view,” Covington told reporters at media day prior to the bout. “I don’t care about the pay-per-view for this fight. This is a personal fight. I want to come and put on a show for the UFC and show that I’m deserving of being a lifetime UFC fighter.”

A few weeks later, an enraged Masvidal attacked Covington outside a restaurant in Miami. Covington pressed charges against Masvidal resulting in Masvidal’s arrest.