Masvidal’s manager accuses Nelk boys, and Full send podcast host of ‘snitching’ over Masvidal Colby altercation

It all started when Bob Menery of full send podcast posted instagram updates featuring Colby Covington on his social media. The posts show Colby at a Miami restaurant in a pale orange colored t-shirt. Subsequently Menery referred to Covington as king of Miami in a posting bound to infuriate his old rival.

But what neither Menery nor Covington anticipated is that Masvidal would go on to show up at the venue and get physical with Covington. As per reports, Masvidal made it out unscathed while Covington may have suffered a broken tooth. Masvidal was quick to gloat online.

Bob Menery went on to condemn Masvidal’s actions.



Kawa has since deleted the problematic tweet.