Bob Sapp says Mike Tyson is ducking him: “He saw a picture of what I looked like”

MMA and kickboxing veteran Bob Sapp fired another shot at Mike Tyson. Sapp claimed that the boxing legend is afraid to take him on inside the squared circle.

Bob Sapp built his name in various combat sports branches such as wrestling, kickboxing, and MMA. ‘The Beast’ competed in MMA and kickboxing for over 16 years since 2002 was a mainstay back in the days.

The 48-year-old may not be a great athlete and has numerous losses in his career, but he has an entertaining and charismatic personality that many combat sports fans like. Sapp eventually retired from both sports in 2018.

Recently, Bob Sapp yet again challenged former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson to fight him.

He even claimed that Tyson is afraid of him and that he was the reason Mike Tyson retired from boxing. He even claimed that he was the one who made Tyson popular.

“We first got involved in 2003 in Las Vegas. There was some pushing and shoving when I met him at the Bellagio. I am responsible for bringing him out of retirement.” Sapp said during an interview with MMA NYT.

He added, “It’s impossible for anyone to be a Mike Tyson fan without them being a Bob Sapp fan, because I’m the guy that brought him out of retirement! Nobody would be talking about him at all if it wasn’t for me!”

This is not the first time Sapp had called out Tyson. Previously, he shared a hilarious video where he mocked and insulted ‘Iron’ Mike.

Tyson revealed during a talk on the Joe Rogan Experience that he was actually supposed to box Sapp in his exhibition match in 2020. However, due to reasons, Sapp didn’t make it to box Tyson and fellow boxing veteran Roy Jones Jr was chosen to replace Sapp.

Back in 2003, Bob Sapp had an altercation with Tyson during a K-1 kickboxing event in Las Vegas. Sapp called out Tyson who was at the ringside and Tyson entered the arena. Both tried to brawl but many people jumped in the arena and separated the two.

Mike Tyson came out of retirement in 2020 to fight fellow veteran Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition bout. The 55-year-old is planning to have another money fight and has been eyeing a potential opponent.