Joe Rogan and Mike Tyson tear up watching Namajunas’ infamous ‘I’m the best!’ speech

When “Thug” Rose Namajunas recaptured her title at UFC 261, many fans were ecstatic for her.

Namajunas gathered a very large fanbase throughout the years. Her exciting style mixed with her amazing charisma outside the cage turned the Milwaukee-born into a fan favorite in the MMA community.

Apparently, Rose also has high-profile fans. On the latest episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast, Joe Rogan reminisced about the memorable moment along with  Heavyweight legend Mike Tyson.

“Remember listen, I remember one day I gave Rose… remember Rose Namajunas?” Mike Tyson asked Joe Rogan during episode 1805 of “The Joe Rogan Experience”.

“I said what, I said, “Rose is high!”

“And the Chinese girl who was fighting her said “Mike [Tyson] don’t know nothing about boxing, he’s an idiot”, and she wanted to fight me!”

“I’m so happy Rose knocked her out.” Tyson jokingly said.

Tyson was alluding to the time Namajunas recaptured her title when she faced the Chinese champion Zhang Weili. Rose was able to knock the champion out in the very first round with a high kick.

During the same podcast episode, Rogan alluded to how focused Namajunas was before the event.

“Rose is no joke, man. She’s so serious,” Rogan told Mike Tyson. “And when she was, before that fight, I talked to her about it in the post-fight interview.”

“She was standing there while they were like introducing the fighters. She’s sitting there going, ‘I’m the best! I’m the best! I’m the best!’ She’s kept saying that.”

Rogan and Tyson proceeded to watch footage of Namajunas’ emotional post-fight interview with Joe Rogan.

After the clip, Rogan added, “I mean, come on. How do you not love her? I mean, look at her crying like that.”

As soon as they saw Rose Namajunas’s emotional post-fight speech, the two 50+-year-olds started tearing up themselves.

“Fighting is so emotional!” Tyson said as he nearly teared up.