BKFC Flasher Tai Emery feared she would be jailed for flashing in Thailand

BKFC found themselves in a peculiar situation when Tai Emery decided to celebrate by flashing the crowd after impressive KO victory.

Emery was soon the center of attention in all of combat sports. Emery comes from a background in under wear American Football so it’s no surprise the actual skin exposure didn’t bother her one bit – however she did fear legal repercussions in Thailand.

“It was a spur of the moment but I’m a bit of a brat and I like to say and do things to get a rise out of people,” she admitted.

“Spur of the moment, yes! Did I need to figure out if I’d be put in Thai jail again? Yes, absolutely.” Emery told talksport

Emery’s fears were not unfounded. Flashing is not only against morality but also is illegal in Thailand. In 2016, two female tourists were fined and given a lesson in Thai culture after being caught topless in a driving vehicle. For both men and women, driving or walking around public areas without a shirt is forbidden.

“My celebrations, as long as I’m KO’ing girls in the same technical fashion, I’m going to be doing whatever I want. Whatever I want!”

Emery is sponsored by an adult star but the sponsorship came to be after a lot of mainstream sponsors refused to collaborate with her.

“For me, I got denied a sponsorship at a few gyms… They said no and it got back to me it was because of my image. Someone kind of suggested contacting Kendra Lust and I thought ‘Oh my gosh, we follow each other, why not?’

“I asked Kendra if she’d sponsor me, and she sponsored me, and it was enough money to get me from the point she sponsored me all the way

“I’ve just changed my life and she helped me do that. There’s a number of people who have helped me to get here but Kendra was the last person to give me hope and make me think ‘I can f****** do this s***!”