Jamahal Hill challenges troll who mocked Johnny Walker: ‘If u last 3 mins I’ll give u $5000’

Johnny Walker was subjected to a lot of mockery for his iconic loss to Jamahal Hill. Hill sent Walker flying into the fence with a well placed temple strike – and then finished him up against the fence.

Walker’s face was the breakout meme of the event.


But to make matters worse, those closest to Walker were personally targeted.Β  His coach John Kavanagh and Walker’s fiancΓ©. We reported extensively about it.

It’s gotten so bad that his opponent Jamahal Hill felt compelled to provide his perspective:

“I do what I do for the entertainment of the fans, and the love of the sport, bro. And whenever I’m successful, yeah, me and another fighter. I mean, I get when I get a knockout and I get these have these moments that you’re like, bro don’t use that time to dog somebody bro.”

But what Hill didn’t expect is that there would be a keyboard warrior ready to take on the challenge.

“Man draw these nuts ? don’t wanna be a meme don’t get knocked out. REAL S–T. It comes with the sport the internet is not for the weakQuote TweetJamahal Hill@JamahalH Β·”, one fan wrote in response.

Hill quickly replied to the provocation saying: “Put the gloves on for a round”

The fan was quick to call Hill’s ‘bluff’ saying: ‘Set it up I’ll put gloves on I’ve boxed and I still work out I’m not one of the them dudes.’


Fan appeared to agree to the challenge. And Hill even sweetened the pot.

“Google my gym address if u last 3 mins I’ll give u 5000”

No word yet if the confrontation has happened. Story developing…