Martyn Ford missed out on a life changing payday by backing out of Iranian Hulk boxing match

Famous bodybuilder/actor Martyn Ford revealed how much money he missed out on after canceling an exhibition match against the Iranian Hulk.

One of the most anticipated celebrity boxing matches in the modern era was Martyn Ford vs Sajad Gharibi aka Iranian Hulk. The two giants were scheduled to exchange blows in a boxing ring on April 30 taking place at the O2 Arena in London.

However, Martyn Ford announced that he will no longer headlining the event. Ford explained later that it was all due to concern regarding Gharibi’s mental wellbeing.

Sajad Gharibi was bullied online by fans for photoshopping himself into a giant. He also claimed to be disowned by his parents after being shoved by Ford during their staredown. Gharibi also broke down and cried on Iran’s national television.

Meanwhile, Martyn Ford doesn’t see Gharibi as a fitting opponent anymore and decided to step out from the match.

This led Martyn Ford to become quite frustrated at that moment. Recently, The 40-year-old Englishman recalled the back and forth of that match up in Rob Moore’s podcast.

“I lost a fortune from that fight. A hell of a lot of money. Yes, it was a lot of money but for me it wasn’t worth the gamble if he had taken his own life but that would have been 100 percent down to me.” Ford said.

“I am sure he(Gharibi) is very depressed at the moment and I wouldn’t want to be someone who adds to it. It was money that I had been promised but never had so I don’t miss it. Once that face-off happened for me it was embarrassing,”

“he was absolutely sh****** himself and he was shaking. I don’t want to fight someone who can’t fight, that is not going to be fair. But there has to be an element of fairness and it just wasn’t there.” Ford added.

Currently, Maryn Ford is targeting to box former Strongman Thor Bjornsson. Bjornsson just defeated fellow former Strongman Eddie Hall in March after a fierce 6-round match. Their bout hasn’t been confirmed yet but Bjornsson has stated that it’s not impossible.