(Video) When UFC vet Tim Kennedy choked out Steve O and let his head bounce off the stage

Steve-O is notoriously known for willing to do anything for views. And often times this involves UFC athletes. One such case was when he was choked out by UFC’s Tim Kennedy.

In one of his comedy shows, the “Jackass” star Steve-O collaborated with the UFC contender for a stunt. In the stunt, he let Kennedy choke him from behind.

Kennedy is a former UFC middleweight with a 18-6 record and US Army veteran served in multiple tours.

Choking out a person typically involves loss of consciousness and is sometimes followed by snoring and or loss of control over bodily functions.

In the stunt, Kennedy appeared in the middle of the show and slapped on a rear-naked choke on Steve-O. Not taking long, the choke quickly put him out cold in front of the audience.

But here Kennedy showed a complete lack of empathy and let the the comedian’s passed out body hit the ground with careless disregard.

Hits to the back of the head are so dangerous they’re banned even in the UFC.

Many felt that Kennedy had dropped the ball, sort of speak, and slammed him online.

But the two then took to Twitter to calm the fans down, with Kennedy saying that it was all planned and Steve-O thanking Kennedy for the stunt.

Kennedy wrote:

“There is a lot of concern about how I dropped @steveo after I choked him unconscious. He is a professional stunt man & he told me to do it.”

“He scared the crap out of me. @steveo told me to do this. He is bat shit crazy and an amazing performer.”

And in response, Steve-O wrote:

“Don’t let any of this stress you out Tim, everyone can just work on chilling the fuck out. #yeahdude”

“It was awesome, and so is @TimKennedyMMA! Thanks again, Brother, you made that special so much better!”

Steve-O and his “Jackass” crews are no stranger to inviting fighters on their stunt. Recently they invited UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou to took part in their last film “Jackass Forever.”