(Video) Holly Holms Wrestles Jackass Star Steve-O

Some of you may know the name Steve-O from the legendary Jackass show. For those who don’t know, Steve-O is a television personality and stunt performer who has put his personal wellbeing on the line a number of times for the entertainment of the audience. He had allowed himself to  getting bitten by snapping turtles, wore a jellyfish on his head, and performed many other crazy feats. This time, Steve-O did another stupid thing by challenging a professional MMA fighter to a mock fight.

Steve-O recently visited the Jackson Wink MMA Academy in Albuquerque, New Mexico. There he decided to grapple former UFC women’s bantamweight champion, Holly Holm. Steve-O is an MMA fan so he welcomed the challenge. Holm is a world class kickboxer and member of the Boxing hall of fame – her grappling is not quite elite but she’s certainly more than capable of giving him a run for his money.

In the video  Holly Holm can be seen dominating the match as soon as it started. She grabbed Steve-O’s head and did a sprawl. Then she quickly flipped him over and pinned him down. At this point, Steve-O couldn’t do much to defend himself. Holm faked some mean ground and pound.

When Steve-O tried to get back on his feet, Holly Holm quickly crawled on his back and locked him in a rear-naked choke. She once again pinned him down in that position. The quick fight ended as Steve-O tapped.

The fight was quick, but not as quick as his fight against Jon Jones. Steve-O also sparred with the former UFC light heavyweight champion. The fight ended fairly quickly as ‘Bones’ just grabbed his legs, tackled him down, and Steve-O gave up.

Steve-O giggles and laughs throughout both fights as if he was enjoying getting wrecked by the professional fighters.

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