Tim Kennedy says Hollywood movies cause gun violence, calls Matthew McConaughey a hypocrite

Former UFC middleweight contender Tim Kennedy blamed Hollywood movies for the rampant rampages in the US. He also called out Matthew McConaughey for being a hypocrite.

Rampages in USA are on the rise. According to BBC news, 1.5 million people died from the incidents between 1968 and 2017. And more than 45,000 Americans died from bullets in 2020.

Former mixed martial artist Tim Kennedy raised his voice to protest these stats during the recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. As someone who has been on the battlefield, Kennedy pretty much understands the danger of lethal weapons.

The 42-year-old blamed Hollywood action movies for representing  firearms action in such a cool way. Kennedy touched upon about the award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, who pleaded for tighter laws following last month’s incident in his hometown of Uvalde, Texas.

Kennedy doesn’t hate McConaughey for what he is doing right now. However, he thinks that McConaughey is acting a bit like a hypocrite considering he starred in action movies.

“I love Matthew McConaughey and I love his position and I love him as an actor and I love what he had to say, and I love that he wants to protect schools and children. How many movies has he been in where he had people on their knees and he executed him in the face? You can’t be on this moral high ground and then be a hypocrite.” Kennedy said.

He added, “I really love what he had to say and how we all have to come together and find solutions. But if, like, Liam Neeson is out there being ‘hey, we should get rid of guns, but I’m going to take the next $10 million contract for Netflix to be in the next action film, and my kill count is going to be 110.’ I don’t know if you can be in that position of moral authority to talk to me about what you should be doing with firearms.”