(Video) UFC’s Johnny Walker ATE a picture of his rival in an eccentric display

UFC’s light heavyweight contender, Johnny Walker, is making headlines once again for his eccentric antics, this time involving his upcoming opponent, Magomed Ankalaev.

Walker has cultivated a reputation for being one of the most unconventional and entertaining MMA stars both inside and outside the octagon. His quirky behavior includes playful stumbles during press conferences and face-offs, along with a penchant for taunting his opponents with peculiar movements and poses. He’s perhaps best known for his infamous worm dance celebration, which led to a shoulder dislocation in 2019.

Now, as Johnny Walker prepares for his return to the octagon, he’s gearing up for a showdown with the number 2 contender, Magomed Ankalaev. Walker is on a three-fight winning streak, having defeated Ion Cuțelaba, Paul Craig, and Anthony Smith. Ankalaev, on the other hand, secured a draw against Jan Blachowicz in a bout for the vacant belt last December.

Their clash is set to take place at UFC 291, with the fight featured prominently in the main card. The event is scheduled for October 21 at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Despite the tough challenge ahead, Walker hasn’t lost his sense of humor. In recent social media posts, he shared glimpses of his training progress, which took an amusing turn.

A video posted by Walker shows him relentlessly striking a punching bag. However, there’s a twist: a picture of his opponent, Magomed Ankalaev, is plastered on the bag. Walker goes to town on the image, pounding it until it crumples and falls to the ground. And then, in a truly bizarre move, Walker decides to take a bite out of the picture, chewing it before giving the camera an intense stare.

The video quickly gained traction on social media, with fans flooding the comment section with reactions and jokes.

“U can see the paper still in his mouth.”

“Just don’t attack his family for the love of god!”

“Goofy ahh.”

Johnny Walker’s antics add another layer of intrigue to an already highly anticipated UFC 291 event, ensuring that fans will be watching closely when these two fighters finally step into the octagon.