(Video) MMA vet calls out Brendan Schaub after he dissed him saying “the worst record I’ve ever seen”

MMA veteran Shannon Ritch has called out former UFC heavyweight and podcaster Brendan Schaub after Schaub allegedly mocked Ritch’s professional record while he was guesting on the JRE podcast. The callout stems from an incident at Joe Rogan’s place where Schaub purportedly poked fun at Ritch’s 58-88-4 record, calling it “the worst record I’ve ever seen.”

“Here, this is what happened, and I’m gonna be straight out with you. Brendan Schaub was on Joe Rogan. Joe Rogan said, ‘Hey, look at this record of Shannon Ritch.’ And Brendan Schaub literally said, ‘Yeah, this is the worst record I’ve ever seen,’ you know, something like that. You don’t even know me. You’re running your mouth talking,” Ritch said.

He added, “So anyway, I went up to him because I had never met him before. I literally went up to him. I took his hands and said, ‘Hey, I’m Shannon Ritch.’ He goes, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ I said, ‘Why would you talk sh*t about me? You don’t even know me, dude.’ And he goes, ‘No, it wasn’t you. I was talking about Shannon Briggs.’ I’m like, ‘No. You said Shannon Ritch.’ He said, ‘No. No. No. It was Shannon Briggs.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’m gonna let it slide.’”

Ritch, 53, is a well-known name from a previous era of mixed martial arts. He made his pro debut in 1998 and competed for major promotions like PRIDE, Pancrase, and King of the Cage over a 22-year career. Though known for his skills in BJJ, wrestling, and boxing, Ritch admittedly racked up many losses by staying extremely active and taking fights on short notice.

According to Ritch, when he confronted Schaub about the comments at Rogan’s, Schaub claimed he was actually referring to boxer Shannon Briggs, not Ritch. But Ritch didn’t buy the excuse, saying Briggs has an impressive record. Ritch let it go at the time but says Schaub mocked him again on another podcast.

“Brendan, where are you at? If you have a problem with me, we can settle it. I don’t give a sh*t,” Ritch stated on the Jaxxon Podcast, issuing the callout to Schaub.

Schaub, 41, is a former UFC title challenger who transitioned into comedy, podcasting, and social media after retiring in 2014 with a 10-5 MMA record. He has not yet responded to Ritch’s challenge to settle their differences.

While some of Schaub’s social media ventures are failing he’s still arguably a succesful man coming out of an MMA career, a feat sadly not accomplished by many veterans of the game.