Comedian Bill Burr Roasts 50 Year Olds on TRT: “Your joints are going to wear out before the donut does”

Renowned for his no-holds-barred comedy style, Bill Burr recently took aim at middle-aged men using testosterone replacement therapy in an attempt to recapture their youth.

In a comedy bit, Burr mocked 50-year-old men hitting the gym while on TRT, suggesting their efforts are futile. “What’s going to happen is your joints are going to wear out before the donut does, so just stop eating the f***ing donut,” he quipped to Bill Maher.

Burr, 54, went on to ridicule the idea that TRT can fully restore a man’s physique from his younger days. “You can’t have your cake and eat it too. You can’t get your frat boy body back at a certain [age],” he stated bluntly.

The comedian, known for his skeptical takes on societal trends, made it clear he isn’t a fan of middle-aged men “sucking” testosterone to try reversing the aging process. While not explicitly naming TRT, his scathing comments appear to be directed at that practice.

TRT has become increasingly popular among aging men looking to raise their testosterone levels in hopes of boosting muscle mass, energy levels and sex drive. However, the therapy remains controversial, with critics arguing it comes with potential health risks and unrealistic expectations.

By mercilessly mocking its use by men of a certain vintage, Bill Burr has ensured the TRT debate won’t be leaving the comedy club circuit anytime soon.

While Burr vehimently opposes TRT, Joe Rogan has long been a vocal advocate.

In one episode, Rogan, who was 51 years old at the time, admitted to being on TRT since age 40. “Testosterone helps, 100%,” he stated. “It makes a big difference.”

Rogan explained that he encourages others, especially those in physically demanding fields, to look into hormone replacement therapy as they get older. “If you don’t have it [testosterone] in your system, you’re not going to feel good,” he said.

While acknowledging the stigma attached to using testosterone, Rogan argued that seeking medical help for declining hormone levels is no different than treating any other age-related condition. “Hormone replacement therapy exists for a reason. And that reason is it makes you feel way better and makes your body work way better,” he stated.

However, Rogan stressed the importance of going through the process properly under medical supervision. This involves comprehensive testing of blood levels, nutrients, diet, sleep, stress, and other lifestyle factors before beginning treatment. “It’s a many, many months process…they get you off all these different things and you make these adjustments and then they start adding a little stuff,” he explained.