Boxing champion accuses Jake Paul of “buying scalps” ahead of Mike Tyson Boxing Date

Former cruiserweight world champion Johnny Nelson has accused Jake Paul of strategically choosing aging opponents. He also claimed that Paul is “buying scalps” ahead of his highly anticipated match with Mike Tyson this summer.

On July 20, Jake Paul and Mike Tyson will compete in the ring at Arlington, Texas. With a substantial 30-year age difference, the bout has garnered significant attention. Tyson will be stepping back into the ring long after his prime.

Tyson’s last professional bout was nearly two decades ago, in 2005. This fact has led Johnny Nelson to question Paul’s choice of opponents. According to Nelson, Paul deliberately selects contenders who are past their prime. He believes that this tactic is part of Paul’s strategy to bolster his record.

Nelson told Dexerto: “I know Mike, and I think what Jake Paul has done is buy scalps. You saw Jake Paul beat Anderson Silva. Do you think Jake Paul would have been able to do that against the Anderson Silva we know? The young version that was at the top of his game, no, he couldn’t have.”

“What he’s done again, he’s buying a scalp in Mike Tyson. We know Mike, we respect him. We know how tremendous this man was and how much he dominated the heavyweight division. Jake Paul has bought a scalp.”

Nelson further speculated on Tyson’s motivations, suggesting that financial gain might be the primary driver. He stated: “Tyson, if he’s going in for the money, well, go on, go for it. Anything other than the money, don’t do it man, don’t do it. Honestly, if you’re going in for the money then it means, ‘I don’t care if I get turned over. I don’t care what happens to me, I’m getting paid $50 million. I’m 57-years-old. I’m getting paid $50 million to fight.’”

“And if that’s what he’s going to do, and that’s what’s comfortable doing, that’s on him. But I am telling you now, if he gets turned over and turned over badly, it will haunt him for the rest of his life. The $50 million in the bank is not going to make any difference.”

“Mike Tyson is older than his dad! Mike Tyson is my age! So, he’s just buying a scalp and so I don’t like to see but it’s going to happen. And I hope Tyson knocks him out. But I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

Before the official sale, a $2 million VIP ticket package was already released on Thursday, May 16 at 12pm ET.

The bout has sparked a range of reactions within the boxing community. Tyson Fury has praised the match, calling it “fantastic for boxing.” On the other hand, Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn has criticized it as a “freak show.”

There are significant concerns about the age gap and the risk of injury to Tyson. However, Tyson’s trainer Rafael Cordeiro has assured fans that the 57-year-old is in excellent condition and ready for the match.