Ronda Rousey blasts UFC ex Brendan Schaub for ‘Playing F*cked-Up Mind Games’ During Relationship

Former UFC superstar Ronda Rousey has opened up about her tumultuous relationship with ex-heavyweight contender Brendan Schaub. She is currently married to another former UFC heavyweight, Travis Browne.

Rousey revealed in her memoir ‘Our Fight: A Memoir’ that her time with Schaub was far from ideal.

In her book, Rousey sheds light on her previously private relationship with Schaub. While she does not mention him by name, fans of the sport quickly identified him through the context of her stories and past events.

Rousey stated: “Travis had been training with us for a while when it was announced that his first fight as an official member of our team would be against my ex-boyfriend. My ex thrived on playing f*cked-up mind games with me when I had a fight coming up and insisted we hide that we were dating so he wouldn’t be labeled ‘Ronda Rousey’s Boyfriend.”

In 2014, Travis Browne faced Brendan Schaub at UFC 181. The matchup held personal significance for Rousey, who had to manage her emotions and maintain focus on her own training. Despite her attempts to stay detached, the bout’s outcome stirred deep feelings.

“As Travis headed into the match up, I pretended it wasn’t personal. I tried not to be overly involved or emotional. This wasn’t my fight. I was hoping he would win, but I was in training camp, so I didn’t really think too much more about it. That is until it was on live TV, and I lost my goddamn mind. Screaming at the top of my lungs, ‘Get him, Travis!’ while punching the arm of the person on the couch next to me.”

Browne defeated Schaub in the first round, marking a definitive end to Schaub’s MMA career. Rousey describes the victory as intensely satisfying.

“When Travis knocked him out at the end of the first round, I didn’t think it could get any more gratifying. My ex covered up on the ground while Travis pounded away on him. The referee waved the match over. Then Travis, towering over the crumpled, semi-conscious body of my ex, leaned down and whispered something in his ear. His words were indiscernible to the camera, but I swore I could hear Travis’ voice saying, ‘Ronda says f—k you.’”

After his defeat by Browne, Schaub retired from MMA within a year, making the match his last professional bout.

On the other hand, Brown competed for the UFC six more times. He ended up finishing a miserable 1-5 overall, with three of his defeats coming by technical knockout. Browne ended up leaving MMA in 2017.