UFC’s Bryce Mitchell Calls Out Joe Rogan For Believing in Evolution Dismissing Creationism

UFC Featherweight Bryce Mitchell, known for his outspoken Christian faith, has taken aim at popular podcaster Joe Rogan for Rogan’s belief in evolution and rejection of creationism.

In a recent podcast interview, Mitchell, who has a 15-2 professional MMA record, expressed his disdain for Rogan’s views on human origins. “I love Joe with all my heart, but he’s full of s*it,” Mitchell stated. “We didn’t come from no monkeys, motherf****r.”

Mitchell, a born-again Christian, said his faith was solidified after a supernatural experience where he believes he expelled a demon from a former girlfriend. He claims this experience showed him the reality of biblical teachings.

“I was having a … relationship with a witch. And, you know, not like Hocus Pocus. We’re talking like an evil b*tch. Like, she cast spells and…I didn’t believe in witchcraft. I didn’t believe in demons. I didn’t believe in God,” Mitchell said.

“She punched the window, so all this f**king blood is going down her arm, and she won’t leave…She starts killing my tomato plants. I had 17 tomato plants that year. She killed all 17 of them,” Mitchell recounted.

The 29-year-old is also an outspoken proponent of the flat Earth theory, saying he has proof the Earth is flat and surrounded by an ice wall in Antarctica. He accused NASA of lies and deception in portraying the Earth as a globe.

Mitchell alleges that much of modern science, including evolution, space exploration, and the Big Bang theory, are part of a demonic agenda to lead people away from God and Christ. “Satan has basically taken over industries such as NASA and all of our modern school textbooks,” he claimed.

Rogan, an avid consumer of scientific research who has had numerous scientists, academics and experts on his podcast, has frequently expressed his acceptance of evolutionary theory and skepticism of religious teachings that contradict established science.

Despite featuring many prominent scientists Rogan has softened his stance on religion in the past few years.

Mitchell has previously asked to be featured on the podcast, Rogan didn’t even dignify the public request with a response.