(Video) UFC newcomer Ailin Perez twerks her way through weigh ins

Stand back Vanessa Demopoulos, there’s a new thirst trap coming. The weigh ins at UFC Paris were upstaged when Argentinian prospect Ailin Perez decided to twerk her way through weigh ins.

You were mistaken if you assumed that prospect Ailin Perez’s twerking was an isolated, impromptu event.

Long before her UFC debut at Saturday’s UFC Paris, the Argentinian combat star displayed her  outgoing demeanor.

Interestingly official UFC weigh in video cut during the fun part – but the MMA media preserved the moment in all of eternity thanks to their ever present cameras. For science.

You might also care to know that Perez has a victory dance that involves the splits.

During Friday’s official weigh-ins, Perez offered UFC fans a preview of who she is and what’s in store for her ascent in the organization.

Perez explained in an interview:

“I enjoy it and that’s the way I express my happiness. Apart from being a fighter, I was also a dancer. I danced reggaetón, salsa, and bachata, so that’s in my blood.”


“Many people say, ‘If you know how to dance, you know how to fight.’ I enjoy it, and that’s a way I express my happiness. I have the assassin side of me, and my happy part. That’s how ‘Fiona’ is. Princess Fiona is an ogre who dances, who’s very sweet, but when it comes time to fight, she’s firm and moves forward. That’s why they call me that.”

The event’s first women’s featherweight match pits Perez against Stephanie Egger.

Stephanie Egger recently made headlines due to her attempt to fool the referee and claim she hadn’t tapped in a clash against Mayra Bueno Silva. When Silva had caught her in an armbar, Egger tapped with her back to the fence and only a cageside referee saw her tap.

Egger had been locked up and her arm even buckled when she decided to use her arm trapped to the cage – out of the referee’s view to perform the so called Brazilian tap.

Referee Chris Tognoni utilized a rarely used technique here – “polling the judges”, where the referee consults with a cageside judge who has a better vantage point to determine what happened.

In the end Egger was outed for tapping and Silva was declared the winner. She had some less than nice things to say about Egger after.

“Polling the judges” is rarely used in MMA but is on the rulebooks for instances exactly like this. This is one of the rules that was discussed during the last CSAC meeting.

The 27-year-old Ailin Perez has no hesitation going into a clash against Egger. Her future goals include facing Amanda Nunes and winning the UFC championship.