(Video) UFC bantamweight contender gets picked up by 6’4 Amazonian during spar

Pondering hypothetical scenarios is literally how MMA came to be. One of first ever documented mixed martial arts events was a bout featuring  boxing great Muhammad Ali and Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki. Since then the sport has evolved tremendously and now has rules, separate divisions and many other ways to make sure there’s a level playing field coming into it.

Just last week UFC middleweight shaded women champions in MMA saying that an average male could handle them. This is perhaps true perhaps not but the truth is it will never stop being fun to consider on individual bases.

A video recently went viral due to the fact it featured 6’4 (195lbs) kickboxed Katarina Kavalena and UFC bantamweight (135lbs) Merab Dvalishvili.

While Dvalishvili is an experienced wrestler seems that such vast difference in size came back to haunt him. As he dove for a takedown, Kavalena easily picked him up and negated any leverage he might’ve had.

Dvalishvili most recently competed against Jose Aldo in his retirement bout (unbeknownst to him) but he reportedly ‘blew’ it afterwards refusing to call out friend Aljamain Sterling for a title shot.

Dvalishvili remains in limbo despite a series of wins. He was also underwhelming against Aldo with the entire thing ending up as an uneventful event.

Merab is also no stranger to viral videos. He previously went viral when he jumped head first into a frozen lake.

“Hey, I should jump into that”, Dvalishvili said in the footage that he recorded himself.

Dvalishvili thought he would break the ice and go straight into the water. He miscalculated the risk and hit a tree branch instead.

Dvalishvili can be seen holding his head in pain while going back to take the camera. On his way back, he recorded himself with a big smile and a lot of blood coming out of his head. He shared the update on his condition.

Dvalishvili took to his account to post the video and wrote this in the caption:

“I thought [it would be] a great day to train and run in the park. Then I saw a pond which I thought was snow and water. BUT it turned out to be all ice and tree branches sticking out. As soon as I broke the ice I felt my skin peeling off . BUT nothing [was] more painful then when they stapled my skin back together! It’s all good now … feeling great.”

The injury ended up requiring 17 staples to keep his scalp closed.