(Video) Man uses jiu jitsu to hold back assailant and wait for Police

Real estate investor Stewart Dewar found himself in a peculiar situation last week. Dewar is a jiu jitsu competitor out of 10th Planet Austin. He’s competed in bjj before and as a couple of superfights under his belt. But perhaps the biggest ‘fight’ he was in is when the ex boyfriend of his son’s mother assaulted him during the drop off. Here’s how Dewar described the incident on his social media:

“The man I’m holding down in this video is the ex boyfriend of my son’s mother. I was dropping my son off at his mom’s house and he was aware of my schedule and was waiting for me. Before I realized what was happening I’m sitting in my car with the door open with an irate man standing over me. I unexpectedly got hit with a punch across my forehead. I see stars. A split second later he hit’s me again.”

“At this point I’m fully aware I’m in a fight. Without thinking, I wrapped my legs around his torso and hugged his head to my chest while we are IN my car. He starts hitting me with rabbit punches. I have to get out of the car. I get my feet to the ground and push us both out. Again without thinking and despite the man weighing 80 pounds more than me, I scoop his leg and execute the absolute easiest single leg takedown I’ve ever done. As I easily passed into a side control position, I felt instant relief. While this man has heavy hands, he is merely a day 1 white belt on the ground.”

“From side control he was momentarily able to scratch my face, eye gouge me, and bite me. Gross. Belly down back mount was the move. A neighbor witnessed the attack and decided to run across the street with a baseball bat. Later she told me she was going to hit the attacker with the bat. However, by the time she got to the car I was already holding him down on the ground so she put the bat down and started filming. The man is facing charges of assault with bodily injury, but we will see what the prosecutor decides to do.”

“Regardless of the outcome of the charges, what is most important is that my Jiu Jitsu training prevented further harm to myself and possibly my family. I have consistently trained nogi jiu jitsu for 1 1/2 years at @10PATX, and 2 years prior to that I trained in the Gi under the same lineage at @JJMachadoAustin. My excellent coaches fully prepared me for this situation as I was able to subdue my attacker without throwing a single strike. I never thought I’d have to use my Jiu Jitsu outside of the gym, and I’m glad I had it when I needed it.”

The incident was first shared on a teammates socials.

Teammate and former Bellator champ Ilma Lei Macfarlane had a funny reaction to the post writing:
“Get TF off me Gay bag!” Just in time for PRIDE month”