(Video) Tyson Fury’s touching gesture fulfils the dream of an amputee kid

After beating Dillian Whyte by TKO in the sixth round and retaining the WBC and THE RING belts, Tyson Fury had a lot to celebrate.

After the bout, Fury celebrated alongside 14-year-old amputee Marshall Janson.

Marshall lost his hands and legs following a severe meningococcal meningitis attack in 2008.

The teenager spent months in the hospital after his vital organs failed three times. Now, Marshall faces a lifetime of rehabilitation. He will need a new set of prosthetic hands and legs almost every year until he becomes an adult.

After knocking out Whyte in front of the Wembley Arena, Fury asked Marshall to get in the ring with him. “The Gypsy King” put his new WBC union belt around Marshall’s shoulder and hugged him.

Despite the good relationship, Fury had only met Marshall the week before the boxing bout. After a family friend contacted Fury telling him that the kid was a huge fan, Furry arranged to get Marshall and his family to sit ring-side to the event.

“This man’s going to walk my belt out to the ring. Walk out Saturday, and we’re going to raise money for his arms.” Fury said.

Marshall’s mother Stephanie said that Marshall had an wonderful time during the boxing event, and that the family will never forget the experience.

“He had a brilliant time, he loved it,” Stephanie said. “I keep watching the video over and over again, it makes me want to cry. It was just an amazing experience.

“We asked Marshall beforehand if he was nervous and he was like ‘No’. He does sometimes trip, but he doesn’t bat an eyelid. Tyson is so brilliant, he’s just like a normal person however famous he is.”