(Video) Strongman Eddie Hall breaks Alex Pereira power punch record

It seems like UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira’s claim to the title of the world’s strongest puncher was short-lived.

The week of UFC 300 proved to be a memorable one for the Light Heavyweight champion, Alex Pereira. Before his headline match against former titleholder Jamahal Hill, Pereira made waves by showcasing his unparalleled striking ability.

Prior to his highly anticipated bout, Pereira made a stop at the UFC Performance Institute. There he tested his punching power on the popular punching machine, which was famously utilised by former UFC Heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

Previously, Ngannou had set an impressive record of 129,000 which Pereira swiftly surpassed. Pereira’s remarkable score of 191,796 left spectators in awe.

Despite his extraordinary achievement, a video revealed that former World’s Strongest Man champion Eddie Hall had eclipsed Pereira’s record with a staggering score of 208,901. Notably, Hall required multiple attempts to achieve this feat, unlike Pereira.


At 36 years old, Eddie Hall has emerged as a formidable presence in the mixed martial arts community. His recent appearances alongside UFC interim Heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall have sparked speculation about potential matchups within the octagon.

Interestingly, Pereira and Aspinall had hinted at a potential showdown earlier in the year. The likelihood of such an event remains uncertain since White does not agree with Pereira moving up to the heavyweight division. However, Pereira has openly contemplated the prospect of moving up in weight class following UFC 300.

Before the Brazilian’s hand was raised at UFC 300, Drake had wagered on Pereira to win the bout and won $1.2 million. In his interview after the match, Pereira responded to questions about Drake’s large wager with dignity and modesty.

Pereira laughed and replied: “Nah, I’m not going to hit him up for anything with that money. I donated to a poor school district last year, so Drake can keep his winnings. But I bet he’s going to buy himself something nice with it!”

A common joke and superstition in MMA is that athletes often struggle after rapper Drake places a bet on them winning. But Pereira decisively broke that pattern with his impressive knockout of Hill.