The Rock Messages Tyson Fury, Tells Boxing Star How To Find “The Good S***”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is known for posting inspirational and uplifting messages on social media for his nearly 293 million followers.

Recently Johnson shared that he got inspired by a quote from two-time world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Fury’s inspirational speech was posted on his social media while finishing his workout.

Inspired by Muhammad Ali, the current Heavyweight champion is seen talking to the camera about how programs his mind to endure his heavy workouts.

“Your body doesn’t know about quitting, your body doesn’t know it’s tired. The body doesn’t know that it’s shaking and rattling.”

The Gypsy King’s inspirational speech then ensues:

“It’s your brain! It’s your mind that will quit on you.”

“Every single time, your mind will let you down. You gotta learn how to do mind control. And if you can do mind control onto your own self, you’re on to a winner”.

“Sitting here now, I’m doing a plank. And I have to admit it, my body is a bit shaky…a bit rattly. But I know that feeling of pain and tiredness is temporary. But the feeling of greatness will last on forever”.

That post seems to have really inspired Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as he made a point of sharing it to his followers.

In a video posted on Instagram, The Rock said:

“A good buddy of mine, I just saw his post, a good buddy of mine, who many of you know, if not all of you, Tyson Fury, the heavyweight champion of the world.”

Johnsonthen goes on to praise Fury as one of the greatest of all time:

“He will go down as one of the greatest of all time, possibly the greatest of all time, he’s in that conversation.”

“He was paraphrasing someone who we both love and admire, Muhammad Ali.”

“And he talked about the pain that you go through is temporary but the greatness on the other side is forever.”

“And I love that quote because it’s the thing that we’ve always got to constantly remember, and if we can just get past that pain threshold training, whatever it is, on the other side of that, man it’s the good s**t.

“It’s the greatness, so get past that threshold and get to your greatness.”

Fury then shared Johnson’s post via his official Twitter account, tagging the former wrestling superstar with the caption “Real recognise real.”

Fans were hoping Fury to fight Oleksandr Usyk for a title unification bout.

Tyson himself has been campaigning for a boxing match against the UFC Heavyweight Champion Francis Ngannou.

But apparently things are looking to go in another direction.

Fury is now expected to defend his WBC heavyweight title against Dillian Whyte, and
Oleksandr Usyk is expected to face Anthony Joshua in a rematch.