Ronda Rousey makes her pick: Who wins in a Dana White vs Vince McMahon fight

Combat sports icon Ronda Rousey has left an indelible mark on both WWE and UFC. Recently, she appeared in a feature for The Los Angeles Times shot in their 2024 Festival of Books photo and video studio. Rousey made a hypothetical mention of her former employers Vince McMahon and Dana White during this.

During the segment Very Important Questions with Ronda Rousey, she engaged in unconventional discussions. This included hypothetical scenarios such as a cage match between Dana White and Vince McMahon.

Rousey stated: “Who would win in a cage fight – Dana White, or Vince McMahon…Oh My god! Dana would destroy Vince. And I’d love to see that happen…Oh my God, make it happen…”

Rousey’s allegiance to Dana White stems from their fruitful relationship within the UFC. On the other hand, Rousey does not seem to have any affection for McMahon. Following accusations of s*xual trafficking, McMahon resigned as Executive Chairman of WWE and the UFC.

Simultaneously, Rousey has expressed her disapproval of McMahon’s extortion-based dominance over the organization. Following the switch to TKO which Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel spearheaded, McMahon was no longer the Chairman of WWE. But soon enough, she was the victim of s*xual exploitation as well. Therefore, her upvoting Dana White to win is not surprising.

As the first American women’s Olympic Judoka, she made history by winning the bronze medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics. Transitioning to UFC, she boasted an impressive 12-2 record and captivated audiences with her skills.

She later signed with WWE in 2018 to make her professional entertainment wrestling debut. From being the Raw Women’s Champion to becoming the three-time WWE Women’s World Champion, Rousey has accomplished a lot. Her distinguished career is certainly deserving of notice.

Recently, she has been working on the promotion of her latest book, ‘Our Fight: A Memoir’ which is now a New York Times bestseller.

She said: “My sister put this really uh…succinctly, she said that writing a book is like writing your heart down…and giving it to other people to read. And I think the hardest part is, uh… bearing yourself to people who you know might not appreciate the gesture…”