(Video) Mike Perry calls opponent Miss Piggy in foul mouthed presser rant

In a heated exchange at the KnuckleMania IV press conference, Mike Perry didn’t hold back in a tense face-off with opponent Thiago Alves, firing off a barrage of insults and trash talk that left onlookers stunned.

The confrontation began when Perry and Alves came face-to-face, with Perry immediately launching into a verbal assault. “Me, you better thank me that you get this opportunity because I’m the one who made noise over here, and you were like ‘oh s*it, now I can finally get a little bit of money’ – yeah, I’m gonna get a little bit of money,” Perry sneered.

Perry, known for his outspoken personality, didn’t mince words, targeting Alves’ appearance and perceived lack of intelligence. “You’re gonna get knocked the f**k out, bro, with your bald ass head, bitch, with those f**king ugly ass wrinkles you got in your head… it’s your fat brain, man, stupid.”

The animosity between the two fighters was palpable, with Perry continuing to taunt Alves, saying, “Ain’t nothing smooth about you, look at your big ass nose, you got a pig nose, you’re like Miss Piggy, you got a big ass head, okay?”

Perry’s tirade didn’t stop there, as he continued to berate Alves, saying, “Your punches ain’t gonna do nothing to it, bro.” It was clear that Perry was determined to get under Alves’ skin, and by the looks of it, he succeeded.

The intensity of the confrontation was palpable, with onlookers and fellow fighters alike taken aback by Perry’s unbridled ferocity. Despite the tension, however, both boxers remained composed, refusing to back down from the confrontation.

As the press conference drew to a close, one thing was clear: Mike Perry is ready for war, and Thiago Alves had better be prepared to put his money where his mouth is. With the two fighters scheduled to face off at KnuckleMania IV, fans can expect a high-stakes, high-reward showdown that promises to be one for the ages.

Will Perry’s trash talk translate to a knockout victory, or will Alves prove his doubters wrong? One thing’s for certain – this event is going to be one to remember.