(Video) Strickland politely asks Gilbert Burns’ fam to move before rushing du Plessis

Sean Strickland was requested begging Gilbert Burns’ family to kindly move before pummeling Dricus du Plessis with fists.

Sean Strickland is gearing up for a title bout against Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297, the first pay-per-view event of 2024. Even if there was never any competition between them beforehand, it seems that they aren’t too fond of one another.

In a surprising turn of events, Strickland made a calculated move towards du Plessis and sparked a brawl that caught the attention of the audience. The two had a brief conversation at UFC 296 before Strickland decided to unleash some serious aggression on the South African.

Prior to this sudden outburst, Strickland took a moment to politely request Gilbert Burns’ family to relocate. He evidently prioritized their safety amidst the escalating tension.

During the brawl, Marlon Vera could be seen cheering on by putting his hands up in the air. It seems like he was really enjoying the altercation in the arena.

With the UFC 297 title clash on the horizon, speculation is rife regarding the eventual victor. Former champion Henry Cejudo has voiced his support for DDP as he foresees a triumphant outcome.

Cejudo’s commentary delved into the potential post-victory plans of du Plessis, hinting at a prospective showdown against Israel Adesanya at UFC 300. Expressing confidence in du Plessis’ capabilities, Cejudo projected a scenario where a victory over Strickland would prompt du Plessis to issue a challenge to Adesanya for the UFC middleweight title.

Cejudo said: “Let’s say du Plessis because I do have du Plessis as a favorite in that fight. Du Plessis beats a guy like Strickland, puts the brakes on a guy like Sean Strickland. You know what that does ladies and gentlemen? ‘Hey Dana, I think I’m ready to fight again.’ Yup, Israel Adesanya, okay we will schedule it maybe UFC 300.”