(Video) Russia’s latest innovation in the fight game

Things just keep getting crazier in Russian MMA promotions. Just last week we remarked on some of their other ‘innovations’.

There is fighting on the concrete as to stoke the realism of the confrontation.

This next clip is from the King of the streets promotion. The core premise of the promotion is to demonstrate why practicing mixed martial arts in non sports environments could severely backfire. As such, the so called KOTS stages bouts in a parking lot – with a concrete floor as opposed to the regular canvas. This produces drastically different results from what you would expect to see in a typical sport environment – as one leglocker came to learn.

And now there’s a next level. In order to boost realism, the bouts now take place on top of a shipping container that’s surrounded by water but suspended in the air as to not float – so add height to the whole ordeal in addition to the unforgiving nature of a shipping container.

 Punch Club teased new format, Punch Fall, on their instagram