(Video) Roy Jones Jr VR exhibition against Bodybuilder NDO a colossal flop

The trend of boxing exhibitions continues, but there comes a point where we hope this boulder of spectacle stops rolling.

In the latest installment, boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. stepped into the ring against NDO Champ, a 240-pound bodybuilder. While NDO may possess an impressive physique, his boxing skills are limited compared to the hall-of-fame credentials of Roy Jones Jr.

Many questioned whether the younger contender could defeat the former pound-for-pound world champion.

This bout  was meant to be a historic event, taking place in a virtual ring utilizing cutting-edge technology. However, the match was only accessible through pay-per-view for a price of $19.99.

The event turned into a circus.

The visuals within the metaverse appeared outdated, borderline cartoonish. Moreover, a simulated audience with artificial cheers only added to the cringe atmosphere. The exhibition itself concluded with a premature stoppage. Jones unleashed a rapid flurry of punches that seemed as impactful as a feather duster. NDO was in no immediate danger whatsoever. It’s worth noting that the so-called “referee” was Montell Griffin.


Boxing enthusiasts may recall Griffin’s involvement in another infamous bout where he was disqualified against Roy. The aftermath saw Roy emerge victorious in a rematch. Instead of providing an explanation for the questionable stoppage, Griffin shamelessly promoted himself for a new bout with Roy. This sequence of events was a disgraceful.

Who can forget when Roy Jones Jr. and Mike Tyson engaged in their exhibition a few years ago? That event garnered significant attention and resembled a competitive bout between two aging legends. However, the matchup against NDO Champ featured a rapidly aging 54-year-old former champion facing off against a social media influencer and bodybuilder. Regrettably, this exhibition stands as one of the most embarrassing moments in boxing history.

The exhibition fight between Roy Jones Jr. and NDO Champ fell far short of expectations.

While the initial anticipation may have been high, the event ultimately failed to deliver a memorable and competitive matchup.