(Video) Promotion merges arm wrestling and boxing pitting men strapped to the table against each other

On social media, a video of an odd sport has gone viral. The video shows two warriors bound to a table by their waists. Their right fist is free to attack their opponent across the table but their second arm is scotch taped to their opponent’s arm

Although there is a referee between the two combatants, it is not obvious whether the bout is being judged or if a knockout is required to win.

The two guys are seen throwing blows at one another in the video. This causes the table to travel across the stage with a large sign that reads “Arena.” It i the name of the promotional company.

Video of the match is circulating online with the caption, “In Russia, this is a sport. #armboxing.”

Which combatant was declared the victor remains unknown.

According to Russian site RT, the activity resembles “arm-wrestling boxing,” which made its premiere at the Siberian Power Show 2020 in Krasnoyarsk. The infamous Russian Slapping Championships made their debut at the same occasion.

In recent years, Russia has developed a reputation for holding unusual boxing and mixed martial arts bouts.

One of them include a plus-size model and an adult star competing in an inter-gender MMA match earlier this year.

A 27-stone competitor faced off against a foe who weighed more than 18 stone less in another strange MMA match.

The most perplexing match-up saw a two-on-one contest between a 75-year-old senior and his grandson and an elderly lady. This contest made arm-boxing appear rather common.