75-Year-Old And 18-Year-Old Grandson Take On Female Strange MMA Bout

You might have seen or heard about weird sports events in Russia. From slapping competition to team MMA match, you might think you’ve seen it all, right?

Well, you’re probably wrong.

Recently, Russian promotion Epic Fighting Championship held a bout that might win the most bizarre contest in history as it’s matching up a 75-years old Vladimir Spartak–who claims to have fought in the Vietnam War, and his grandson BIG IGIBOB against a female fighter Yulia ‘The Tomboy’ Mishkov in a peculiar two-to-one fight.

The fight is scheduled for 3 x two-minute rounds and seemingly contested in an open weight bout since Mishkov’s weight alone is almost the same with both Spartak and his grandson combined. All three of them are using MMA’s 4 oz gloves going into the fight.

Spartak is sporting colorful mohawk hair while IGIBOB looks like a total copy of controversial rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine. Mishkov herself doesn’t wear any notable cosmetics.

While the fighters had some extraordinary appearance that would ignite laughter, the fight itself wasn’t really entertaining as the fighters barely ‘fights’ and most of the time punching the air or retreating. 

But despite that, it’s clear that Mishkov is having the upper hand in most of the fight as he clocked both Spartak and his grandson, even knocking them down multiple times.

To everyone’s surprise, the frustrating yet one-sided fight eventually went to the distance and the bout declared a draw. Quite a shocking result since the Spartak-IGIBOB tag team barely did any harm to Mishkov in the entire fight.

This actually not the first time Epic Fighting Championship held an unusual bout as last month they put on an intergender clash between pornstar Alexander Pistoletov and plus-size model Sasha Mamaha which a fan tried to prevent by storming into the cage.

The bout ended with a decision victory for Mamaha after a submission stoppage from Pistoletov was disputed.

With these weird bouts from Epic Fighting Championship seems to not find any spectacles along their way so far, we might have to get ready for whatever bizarre bout they will create next.