(Video) Power punching Strongman Eddie Hall spars UFC Heavyweight Alex Volkov

Recently in Las Vegas, former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall engaged in a captivating sparring session with UFC powerhouse Alexander Volkov. The encounter was captured on video and shared on Hall’s YouTube channel, offering fans a thrilling display of athleticism and skill.

Hall is no stranger to challenging opponents, and has previously tested his mettle against formidable contenders like UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall.

Aspinall notably triumphed over Volkov at UFC FN in 2022.

The spar unfolded with progressive rules, escalating in intensity as the rounds progressed. Only body blows were permitted in the first round, while left-handed head shots were permitted in the second. However, the most exciting round was the third and last one, as there were almost no regulations. It was a free-for-all.

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Hall’s attempts were effectively neutralized by Volkov, who used his obvious height advantage to keep the former Strongman at bay. Hall is noticeably shorter at six feet two than Volkov, who is a towering six feet seven.

Hall stated: “Thank f*** for that. Jesus! F*** me! I’m gassed. He just smothered me. Did you see how he was just leaning on me constantly, not allowing me to breathe? It was great. It’s like keeping that pressure on me all the time. At no point could I take a breath – he was just on me all the time.”

Volkov complimented Hall’s striking power, even though he seemed to be fully exhausted at the conclusion of the sparring session.

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Volkov stated: “You have a hard punch. I felt it a few times. You’re pretty dangerous.”

It seems like Hall gained the respect of the UFC heavyweight, which is tremendous praise coming from someone who has competed with the likes of Tom Aspinall and Derrick Lewis.

Hall was supposed to make his MMA debut in February. He was scheduled to compete against the current World’s Strongest Man, Mitchell Hooper. However, Hooper abruptly withdrew from the match.

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Regarding Hooper’s decision to pull out of the match, Hall wrote on his website: “No-one was more disappointed than me when my MMA debut was cancelled at the last minute earlier this month. I’d been set to take on Canadian strongman Mitchell Hooper in my MMA debut and I’d put in a massive amount of preparation for the big clash in Qatar. In essence, that had been the last six months of my life.”

The video is available on Hall’s  channel.