(Video) Strongman Eddie Hall spars UFC Champion Tom Aspinall

Strongman Eddie Hall and UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall decided to exchange their diets for a day. This is in addition to their fun sparring session.

Although Hall and Aspinall had previously collaborated on several videos, this one stood out. Hall must consume an absurd quantity of food every day. However, he swapped his diet with Aspinall for a single day.

For Aspinall, the problem started immediately as Hall’s daily intake of food was quite large. On the other hand, the Strongman was used to eating considerably more. Therefore, he went hungry for the rest of the day.

Hall discussed last week how contract conflicts caused his MMA match against Mitchell Hooper to be canceled. Though it will ultimately depend on the promoters, he is trying to organize a fresh event with the same competitors. Even though this tournament has been postponed, Hall is still training hard.

In the YouTube video, the day started with the duo engaging in morning cardio and stretching in Eddie Hall’s home gym. Tom Aspinall, anticipating a carb and fat-rich feast, speculated on eggs, bacon, or steak as Hall’s usual breakfast.

Meal One

Eddie Hall: 4 Weetabix with honey, 1 banana, Monster energy drink, Protein shake

Tom Aspinall: 200g smoked salmon, 2 slice sourdough toast with butter, 300g cottage cheese, 200g carrots, 150g fruit

The two carried on talking about early morning routines, when Hall revealed that he just drinks water in the morning instead of coffee.

The challenge unfolded post-breakfast, with Aspinall feeling full while Hall’s hunger persisted.

Meal Two

Eddie Hall: 500g yogurt, Peanut butter, Fruit

Tom Aspinall: Ribeye steak and butter, 300g rice, 200g vegetables and butter, Prawns

Hall inquired about Aspinall’s habit of eating light after arranging each meal. Aspinall said: “I usually eat light and often. That’s my thing. Usually every couple of hours but nothing too heavy.”

There was nothing to eat for the third meal. Rather, it was about each athlete’s pre-workout routine. Hall grabbed a coffee and gave Aspinall some tips on how to carb load while working out.

Meal Three

Eddie Hall: Coffee

Tom Aspinall: Pre-workout shake, Cranberry juice, Intra-workout shake

As the day progressed, Hall consistently outpaced Aspinall in consuming meals. After consuming his fourth meal, the Strongman said that he was “still f*cking hungry.” Aspinall was still having trouble eating a large enough meal.

Meal Four

Eddie Hall: Sirloin steak, 200g vegetables, 150g rice,

Tom Aspinall: Half a chicken, 300g vegetables, 200g rice

Hall said: “I always try to explain to people when i eat my food, everything is supersized. now, you can appreciate a regular sized-plate.”

Aspinall then said: “I’m not a small person…that’s an incredible amount of food.”

The concluding meal of the day revealed further distinctions. Aspinall humorously dubbed eating in this manner a “full-time job.”

Meal Five

Eddie Hall: Peanut butter and jelly bagel, Protein shake

Tom Aspinall: 500g yogurt, 150g blueberries, Nighttime shake

Tom Aspinall finished the day with 7,450 calories, more than twice as much as he typically eats. Naturally, everything turned against Hall. He took in 3,062 calories on this particular day.