(Video) Strongman Eddie Hall gets downed by a head kick in MMA sparring

Former world’s strongest man Eddie Hall is making waves in the combat sports world as he transitions from boxing to MMA.

He is scheduled to participate in a four-man eliminator MMA tournament on February 17, 2024, under the Finisher Championship in Qatar. Hall has been diligently preparing for his MMA debut.

In the midst of his rigorous training regimen, a noteworthy incident occurred during one of Hall’s recent MMA sparring sessions. A head kick knocked  Hall down, and he took to Instagram to share a clip of the unexpected moment.

The video quickly gained traction online, prompting fans to share their thoughts:

“It doesn’t take much to take down anyone. Precision > everything”

“Leaning his head to the right like that, he was asking for it”

“Never skip chin day”

Hall’s venture into combat sports began with his boxing debut in March 2022 against Thor Bjornsson. He is a long-time contender for the title of the world’s strongest man. The six-round amateur bout was titled “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History”.

Over the course of six three-minute rounds, the Game of Thrones actor was able to demonstrate his skills. Bjornsson used a strong left hook to get a knockdown in the third round, and he did the same in the last round with a perfect 1 combination.

Many had anticipated a brawl, but the match rurned out to be a technical one. As the bout progressed, Bjornsson made good use of his height and reach advantage to take down Hall. He ultimately ended up winning by unanimous decision (57-54, 57-54, 57-54). This impressive performance earned him the Titan Championship belt.

Following his defeat in the boxing ring, Hall gracefully accepted the outcome. In a statement to talkSPORT, he expressed his perspective:

“At the end of the day I’ve just fought literally the biggest man in the world in a boxing match, I’d like to see anybody else have the balls to do that. It’s been a hell of a journey, but I’ve really enjoyed it. Hopefully, there’s a rematch and we can do business again. Take care everyone, big love, the Beast.”