(Video) K-1 Kickboxer Rukiya Anpo gets dojo stormed by ‘street-proven’ challengers

K-1 Kickboxer Rukiya Anpo got a welcome surprise when a group of ‘street-proven’ challengers walked into his dojo.

Anpo is a 26 year old kickboxer currently competing in the welterweight division of K-1. He’s been a pro since 2011 and was previously the K-1 Super lightweight champion.

He was ranked in the top 10 kickboxers in the Combat Press ranks ever since March of 2019. As such he’s an extremely unlikely target to succumb to this type of challenge. But this didn’t stop the group that decided to surprise him at his dojo in Osaka, Japan.

The gym is ran by him and his brother since 2018 and established with the help of crowdfunding.

Anpo answered the challengers and quickly got to work. His slim athletic physique instantly got to work on challengers that outsize him one by one. The first one was a flabby gentleman who quickly ended his challenge after his nose got bloodied up. When you’re looking at the video you’ll be clear right away as to who is the pro even if you’ve never seen Anpo before.

His technique is impeccable.

The challenger kept going at it too. He was able to recover and start round 2. But here he got promptly knocked out and reduced to his knees.

Anpo then took on another challenger. This one a more athletic looking one. It didn’t help him any and he was pretty much playing the role of a punching bag with Anpo landing heavy shots to both his body and the head.

Soon, he too crumbled but opted to continue. Anpo was cautious and wasn’t showing off much clearly outperforming his challengers by a light year.