Slap KO Bloodies Competitors Nose At Eddie Bravo event

Eddie Bravo has put on plenty of events for UFC Fight Pass- but over the last weekend the event featured something you don’t see every day a slap KO.
Combat Jiu jitsu made its debut long time ago but it had a somewhat mixed reception. However clips like this latest one are a solid argument for why it might be here to stay.
Carl Boudro (Honu BJJ) TKOS Mikey Gonzalez (Caio Terra Association).


Oddly Mikey Gonzalez didn’t end up going further – he forfeited his spot due do being unable to continue because of eye poke damage he suffered earlier in the match up.

Ryan Aitken (10P Atlanta) ultimately captured the title of CJJ Middleweight World Champion.

The champion made no fanfare tho – this latest slap TKO is only the 2nd to ever occur at the events. You can watch the first ever below: