Iranian Hulk responds to Kazakh titan challenge with a snide remark targeting Martyn Ford

Iranian Hulk has had a tumultuous 2022. The Iranian viral sensation, Sajad Gharibi, found himself in hot water when it was revealed that his physique might be embellished and his boxing debut against Martyn Ford fell apart.

Gharibi has been making waves with a series of appearances on local shows which have been getting international play thanks to the popularity of his rivalry with Ford.

Recently a lesser player on the scene – Kazakh Titan tried to make a name for himself by calling out the Iranian Hulk. Kazakh Titan is a far cry from Martyn Ford’s following and usually gets no reply from Gharibi – but this time there might be an exception.

Iranian replied to the call out via instagram story saying:

“Well I have seen the Kazakh gorilla has invited me to fight recently. I hope that this time it is not for followers and margins.”
“I hope that like that previous cowardly opponent he will not give up and come. Avoid hitting the doll and sticking paper to the bag. Come and face me. I am waiting to sign the contract whenever you can. Just sign the contract.”

Djumanov Almat Bakhytovich aka ‘Kazakh Titan’ claims to be a master in MMA and possesses a great skill set in Sambo. He also claims to possess “incredible strength, being able to bench press 150kg and deadlift 300kg”.

Gharibi has been eager for a new opponent ever since Martyn Ford backed out of the Boxstar UK headliner boxing match with Gharibi. While Ford cited mental wellness concerns as his reason for the pull out, Gharibi has been threatening legal action.

Iranian Hulk has been adamant that he’s holding up his end of the bargain despite going on Iranian TV and crying during the promotional period for his boxing bout.

As is, it’s doubtful this will materialize considering that Boxstar UK has since cancelled the entire event and is rumored to be offering refunds. Their instagram account is not allowing comments.

The undercard for the event was set to feature the boxing debut of Manchester United legend, Patrice Evra.

As for the ‘titan’ he’s been keeping busy parodying the Iranian Hulk and calling him out for a duel.