Joshua Fabia explains away the infamous upside down head trauma video as yoga session during which Diego asked to be hit

Diego Sanchez is free of the cancer that ravaged the end of his UFC career in the form of one Joshua Fabia. Fabia appeared at a time in Sanchez’ life when he was particularly vulnerable and going through a turmoil. He then proceeded to use this to his advantage and secure as much as 50% of Sanchez’ final paychecks.

Sanchez even confirmed himself that he had to practically bribe Fabia into leaving him alone – with a hefty lump sum of $100,000.

Diego Sanchez previously posted that getting rid of Fabia cost him about $100,000  – this is a claim Diego confirmed in the interview saying:

“I was scared man. Like, like, like, I’m gonna have this little motherf—er like trying out, like, follow me and tried to like, maybe kill me. You know what I mean?”

Meanwhile Joshua Fabia just went on the talking mma channel and gave some really interesting explanations regarding his infamous run as Diego Sanchez’ coach.

“Yeah, so I started training him and he immediately he has brain issues. We need to deal with that. So this is why I’m hanging him upside down. I’m giving you the reasoning. What are we using to hang upside down a black belt. So probably the best ways to use your black belt other than getting people to kiss your a– and get respect. So now I got you hanging upside down with a soft piece of fabric. Very similar to what you might see in yoga. Okay, now you you’re familiar with this headstand yoga, Hatha Yoga”

* hatha yoga is an umbrella term it typically describes a type of yoga where you move your body slowly and deliberately into different poses that challenge your strength and flexibility, while at the same time focusing on relaxation and mindfulness

“Hatha Yoga is not be compressing the spine, because they’re putting pressure on the top of the head, right? But what they are doing is they’re trying to draw down the energy from the root of your spine, the Root Chakra, and bring that energy down your spine upside down to your crown to your head. Okay, so you got 1000s and 1000s of people doing this every day in a yoga studio. Nobody’s thinking anything weird. I’m doing it suspended. ”

Fabia here goes on a tangent how the MMA community would not accept him hanging up Diego – when in fact nobody in the MMA community even had a slightest cue as to what exactly the two were doing when they were training together. Fabia continues:

” It only shows the level of ignorance this group of people really have and how close minded they are. And that’s due to the way that they are trained. You can see their eyes are not open. They got blinders on. They only want to see what they want to see. If I don’t speak you in your language, you don’t want to hear me.”

“Okay? Well, that’s why you feel real secure in your jujitsu gym. But there’s other places in the world, you can’t even walk because you don’t feel comfortable. This is part of that. So now I came into your world, and I’m making you feel uncomfortable. A big part of why a lot of masculine men feel uncomfortable about me is because I’m just as capable and just as damaging to people with kindness, with love with healing.”

And here Fabia is unchecked so he goes on to make a bigger, bolder claim.

“So I was hanging him upside down and progressively over the two years from giving him soft strikes with boxing gloves to the point of what you see in that video. Now what you see in that video was recorded by the UFC. And it was leaked by the UFC. And I showed you the real footage. You see Diego’s asking me to hit him”

Interviewer: So the UFC specifically released a behind the scenes footage of their shoot with you guys training Diego?

Fabia: “Absolutely. Just to slander me in that moment where they know I’m not going to get another media week or so. Ever get in front of the people again. So this is how they put that taste in everybody’s mouth that I’m just so abusive. When it’s laughable, it was like a movie scene. I mean, I can show you where the UFC producers spraying him down with water. I mean, it’s look at the production value of that video and look at what I make. Those are 4050, maybe $80,000 cameras on a on a on a sliding, boom. I mean, it was heavy production. And so they show you that piece out of context. And like I said, 10 seconds before that. Diego’s just stretching. And I’m helping him stretch. They’re loving the footage. And then Diego says, Coach, hit me with the stick.”

Fabia goes on to conveniently skip addressing the really bad part of that video – why would anyone sane hit a trainee who has had brain trauma to the head? 

“Come on people. Everybody’s acting like I’m abusing Diego. So you don’t want to call me a badass. But somehow you believe that I’m scaring ‘the nightmare’. So bad. That somehow also I can hang him upside down and beat him up. Like, come on. Don’t be stupid. Come on, I cannot put him up there, he has to get up there by himself. It’s like impossible for me to hang him upside down like that.”

Here Fabia touches upon something that’s actually a valid point but it often gets lost. How did that footage leak? As if overnight, everyone was talking about it. Granted everyone had already been talkin about Fabia’s goofy methods but still. 

“Right? But I like that the UFC leaks the footage, puts it on a fake YouTubers account, and then sends it to McGregor, Jon Jones, and gets them upset, so that they get free content out of them talking s–t about me. Then all the talking heads like Big Bang and, and Schwab and all these people, they fall for it. They fall for it. Nobody ever contacts me and says Hey, what the f–k was that?”

While it’s hard to agree with Fabia – he was especially grating for the UFC at the time. He had been asking for Sanchez’ medical records and was receiving a lot of attention. In the end, this infamous leak played a huge role in getting Diego to sever their manager/student relationship in addition to the ultra embarrassing Onlyfans homoerotically charged captions BJJScout unearthed.