(Video) Ian Garry reunites with McGregor, picks him over teammate Michael Chandler

25 year old Ian Machado Garry is preparing to face Kenan Song at UFC 285. The two will be matched on the undercard. Garry has been with the UFC since 2021.

The Irish native trains out of Kill Cliff FC in Florida, but he’s still very fond of his roots.

“I have trained with one guy [Chandler] for a year. I like Mike, nothing against him but he’s going up against a guy who inspired an entire nation. A guy who I’ve looked up to and inspired my entire nation. A guy who I’ve sat about been anxious about when he fights. A hundred per cent I’m team Notorious.” – Garry told Mirror.

“I’ve already said this to the guys in the gym, I’m Team Conor every single day of the week. One guy has told me I’m late consistently because he’s always half an hour early to the gym. The other guy has done nothing but try and help me and inspire my entire career so f*** that. Team Conor baby!”

Ian Machado Garry has a very interesting story behind his name. Garry married older TV host girlfriend back in February of 2022 and even announced his wife’s pregnancy in octagon speech at UFC 273.

Garry revealed his child with 39-year-old wife Layla was due and he wanted the whole family including Layla’s kids from a previous marriage to share the same surname at least in part. Garry is 15 years younger than his wife.

Why did Ian Garry change his name?

Anik and Megan Olivi could be heard on the broadcast saying:
“Name change for Ian Machado Garry late in the week. What can you tell us on that?”

Olivi replied: “That’s correct. His wife , Layla, is Brazilian and Machado was her last name. She has a son who also has Machado in his name. ”

“And now that she’s expecting a child with Gary, they wanted to make sure that the brothers had a name in common. So that they felt they were allone big family with co-parenting.”
“So they all added it to their name so that none feels left out”