(Video) Canelo Alvarez goes off on Oscar De La Hoya: He steals from his fighters

A fiery exchange stole the spotlight at the Alvarez vs. Munguia press conference. Emotions ran high between Canelo Alvarez and his former promoter, Oscar De La Hoya.

Canelo Alvarez is the unified super middleweight champion with titles from IBF, WBC, WBA, and WBO. He is currently gearing up to defend his belts against Jaime Munguia. The much-anticipated clash is set to unfold this Saturday night at the renowned T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

As the press conference commenced, Oscar De La Hoya wasted no time throwing shade at Canelo Alvarez. He made pointed remarks, alluding to Alvarez’s past PED test failures.

Oscar De La Hoya told the boxing icon to “put some f**king respect on my name.”

Unfazed by De La Hoya’s provocations, Canelo Alvarez responded. He addressed the audience in Spanish before translating his sentiments for English-speaking viewers.

Alvarez stated: “He’s a f**king a**hole. That is what I said. He’s a f**king a**hole. He tried to keep the attention for him, not for Munguia. He’s a f**king a**hole. He steals from his fighters. That’s what he do.”

He went on to criticise him further

The tense exchange underscores the deep-seated animosity between Canelo Alvarez and Oscar De La Hoya. Once collaborators in the boxing world, their relationship has soured over time.

Canelo’s early career was aided by ODLH and Golden Boy Promotions, but things didn’t work out. Alvarez launched a $280 million lawsuit against DAZN and Golden Boy Promotions for alleged contract violations. Since then, ODLH and Alvarez have not been on good terms.

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