(Video) Viral bodybuilder Mike O’Hearn squirms after a tiny kick from UFC’s Ian Machado Garry

In an unexpected crossover between bodybuilding and combat sports, viral bodybuilding meme sensation Mike O’Hearn recently experienced the power of a UFC welterweight’s kick firsthand. The 55-year-old bodybuilder participated in a “body shot challenge” with rising UFC welterweight contender Ian Machado Garry during a Karate Combat event promotion.

The body shot challenge is a popular albeit dangerous game among combat athletes where one person takes powerful strikes to the body from another fighter. In O’Hearn’s case, he opted to take a kick from the 26-year-old Garry, who currently sits at #7 in the UFC’s welterweight rankings with an undefeated 14-0 record.


Video footage shows O’Hearn and Garry standing face-to-face before Garry launches a quick kick into O’Hearn’s left side. While Garry didn’t appear to put his full power into the strike, the kick was still more than enough to visibly rock the bodybuilder. O’Hearn hunches over in apparent pain immediately after absorbing the blow, though he maintains a pained smile throughout.

The video quickly went viral across social media, drawing a mixture of amusement and respect for O’Hearn’s ability to withstand the UFC fighter’s strike. “Took it like a champ,” one user commented, while another quipped, “Future champ kicks current legend.”

While O’Hearn is best known as a larger-than-life bodybuilding personality and fitness model, he has also carved out an acting career appearing in various TV shows and films over the years. His global fame skyrocketed in 2022 after becoming the subject of an internet meme mocking his extremely muscular physique.

On the other end of the bizarre exchange, Ian Garry has rapidly ascended the ranks of the UFC’s welterweight division since joining the promotion in 2021. His most recent win came in February via unanimous decision against Geoff Neal.

The unlikely O’Hearn vs Garry body shot challenge encapsulates the often strange world of combat sports entertainment. However, it may not be the most bizarre matchup on O’Hearn’s horizon – the bodybuilder is reportedly scheduled to make his Bloodsport debut against little-known shooter Erik Hammer in Tokyo on June 22nd after original opponent Rampage Jackson was pulled.