Ian Garry reveals what happened when Khamzat Chimaev wanted to size up Gilbert Burns ‘naked’

UFC’s rising prospect Ian Garry is one of the most exciting up and coming fighters in the 170 pounds division.

The undefeated Irishman is set to face Darian Weeks this weekend during the prelims of UFC 273.

The ‘Future’ left his long-standing gym the infamous SBG and joined the renowned Sanford MMA to train alongside grizzled vets and welterweight contenders like Gilbert Burns and Vicente Luque. Gilbert Burns will face Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 273, and the two recently met for the very first time at the athlete hotel in Florida.

Garry, who was standing alongside teammate Gilbert Burns, detailed the awkward encounter. The Irishman revealed that both of them were excited to meet each other and Khamzat even offered to fight ‘naked’ as they were all clad in towels.

“We did a workout in the room… Khamzat and Till and all the boys from Allstar were down the hall, we were down in our room working. We all kind of went back, me and Gilbert went down to the room and Gilbert said, ‘Where’s the official scales?’ and I was like, ‘down there’ [pointing towards the opposite end] and I said ‘I’ll go with you’… and then it was like perfect timing, we both walked in on the corner at the same time”

“Gilbert just had a big smile on his face… and then they just got into a little bit of an engagement together, a little bit of a chat and it was very funny. Khamzat said he wants to fight naked. I said, ‘I’m f**king down.’ Don’t ask for a fight and expect me not to yap back.”

However both Garry and Chimaev are relatively new to the UFC, Garry believes Chimaev is way ahead of him and he plans to fight him sometime in the future.

“Down the line me and Khamzat are absolutely gonna fight… Obviously he’s way further ahead in his career than I am as of right now. I mean, he’s the No.11th ranked welterweight, but realistically he’s not. I mean, he should be ranked in the top 5 but the only reason is not is purely just due to fights. He hasn’t had enough fights to be ranked in the top 5”

In his promotional debut at UFC 268, the ‘Future’ lit up Madison Square Garden when he knocked his opponent out in the first round of the fight.

Garry is looking to replicate his debut performance in his fight against Darian Weeks this weekend at UFC 273 and he has predicted that he will finish his opponent inside eight minutes.