(Video) Referee gets knocked out via Rolling thunder mid fight

MMA referee Scott Marhardt has certainly earned his paycheck during  the latest IMMAF event.

Marhardt was officiating a fight between Ireland and Mexico at the IMMAF Super-Cup 2022 Semi-Finals.

During the fight, the referee stepped between the fighters to stop the action at the same exact time a Mexican fighter performed a move called “rolling thunder” kick. Rolling thunder just so happened to hit the referee right to the side of his head.

“Rolling Thunder” kick is a rare fatality type of strike which looks attractive but hardly ever works. During the move the fighter rolls forward and comes up with a heel kick aimed at opponent. The shot hardly ever lands, but when it does, it can cause some serious damage.

That particular hit, had hit the referee so hard that it sent him straight to the floor.

Marharadt showed that he can take a hit, as he recovered in time to finish officiating the bout.

Ireland MMA Association ended up as the winner of the event and will be in the finals. Mexican team will be in the Bronze Medal Match.

The other semifinal will happen today Bahrain MMA Federation against the Kazahkhistan MMA federation. No word yet on final results.