Usman condemns Masvidal’s actions towards Covington

The feud between UFC stars Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington appears to be far from finished.

The bad blood can be traced back to the old days when they were teammates at the American Top Team. Covington later split from the gym and began a rivalry with Masvidal and his other former teammates.

Covington also arguably crossed lines when he mentioned Masvidal’s ex-wife and children in interviews.

“I don’t condone this,” Helwani recapped during his MMA podcast. “however, you cannot be surprised at the byproduct of using family as part of your trash talk”

“Again family, religion, these things should not be a part of it”

“I saw someone say “show me the place where Colby talked about his kids”

“uh… did you not see the picture with the woman? Did you not see him talk about alimony? Did you not see him talk about the ex-wife? Did you not see him talk about being a deadbeat dad all that stuff that’s personal?”

Although the two met in the octagon in February, the hostility between them is there to stay.

In their clash at UFC 272, Covington beat Masvidal by a lopsided unanimous decision.

A few days after UFC 272, Masvidal allegedly orchestrated a surprise assault on Covington outside of a steakhouse in Miami. He also claimed responsibility for the assault in a now-deleted video on his social media.

‘Gamebred’ now faces felony battery and criminal mischief charges stemming from the incident.

Usman is no stranger to both Masvidal and Covington, as he had competed and beat both of them two times each.

“I don’t think anyone has justification to do that,” Usman said at UFC 274 presser.

“There’s no justification for that. As a man, you should be able to use your words as your parents would say, but if you can sign contracts in the UFC, step in the cage and handle business.”

The investigation into the case is still ongoing for now, with new pieces of evidence  emerging.