Nelk boys’ Bob Menery denies arranging Masvidal’s stick up

“Full Send Podcast” host Bob Menery recently denied having any involvement in Masvidal’s altercation with Colby Covington.

A certain fringe part of MMA fandom frequently casts doubt on the legitimacy of bad blood between Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington. Longtime teammates and roommates setting up the public in order to get paid big time certainly makes for a much better narrative than wrestling for five rounds to a decision and losing clout in process.

During the late rounds of their UFC 272 bout Joe Rogan even went on to bet they would hug after – and of course what followed was a groin grab, harsh words and an assortment of law enforcement officers entering the octagon in order to maintain peace.

Weeks after their fight, Masvidal decided that this would not be the end of their rivalry.

“Gamebred” went after Covington and instigated an altercation outside of a steak house in Miami. Covington was reported to have suffered a broken tooth during the attack.

In the first video of the incident that came out Covington can be seen suspect of Menery and asking how Masvidal was able to know their location

Another “Full Send Podcast” host, Kyle Forgeard previously stated that he saw Menery texting Masvidal on the night of the attack while the group was in the restaurant. He also said that he believes that Menery was the one to tell Jorge about Colby’s location at the time.

Bob Menery recently directly addressed these suspicions. During his appearance on Bradley Martin’s “Raw talk Podcast”, Menery denied all accusations.

“I was focused as the guy who set him up, which is the most comical thing in the world,” Menery said. “For anybody that knows me and the reasons I have such great relationships and whatnot is I try to pride myself on being a respectful guy that would never, ever do anything like that for clickbait.”

“I don’t give a f**k about that s**t. I’ll let Kyle [Forgeard] or whoever wants to do that s**t, do that s**t. But I was pinned as that guy because the famous little TMZ video that came out shows me, cops all around Colby, and then shows me walking up to him and say, ‘My bad.’”

The video in question is a video taken right after the attack. Colby is seen surrounded by cops while Menery walks up to him and apologizes.

Covington then questions the Youtuber by saying: “How would he know I’m here?”

Menery then said he had nothing to do with the assault.

“At the end of the day, for people to say ‘I read it on Twitter’ and s**t, all that s**t bothers me. Like, oh, the Nelk Boys set him up, let me tell you what. Kyle and all them, they do a lot of pranks and whatnot. When I’m involved, none of that f***ing  s**t happens on my watch. Because my reputation is too important to me and I never want to be tied to that. And that’s why I was so mad that night.”

Of course none of this takes into account the postings Menery made the same night and a suspicious streak of tweets from Masvidal’s manager – Menery also addressed this claims previously.