UFC veteran Jorge Masvidal blasts Megan Rapinoe’s views trans inclusion in Women’s Sports

Recently retired UFC star Jorge Masvidal has taken aim at Megan Rapinoe, particularly her stance on inclusivity and the participation of biological men in women’s sports, as well as her perceived lack of patriotism.

Masvidal, who bowed out from the UFC after UFC287 in Miami, did not hold back in expressing his thoughts on Rapinoe’s views. The divisive soccer player gained prominence during the USWNT’s Round of 16 exit at the World Cup in Australia, and her outspokenness has sparked both support and criticism. Masvidal, in an interview, he shared his perspective on her statements.

“I think you need help,” Masvidal remarked, clarifying that he intended no harm by his statement.

‘And I don’t mean that in a bad way.’

‘Maybe just to hear the other side of the coin, because America is the greatest experiment ever. For you to hate on this thing that has brought freedom and economic wealth to the whole world, it’s just crazy.

‘I dare her to move to anyone of these countries that she’s talking about – she won’t! Because this is the greatest country on earth and she just won’t admit it.’

Rapinoe has not only voiced her concerns about the state of the nation but also advocated for greater inclusivity. She has pushed back against the idea that transgender women could potentially displace biological women in sports. Masvidal, however, holds a differing view.

“Either she doesn’t grasp the principles of actual science or she disregards the fairness towards women and their records,” Masvidal stated.

Jorge Masvidal previously condemned swimmer Lia Thomas saying it’s not fair to have her compete against biological women.

Masvidal is far from the only UFC star to have these views. Previously a number of prominent names condemned Combate Global’s decision to promote trans MMA competitor facing a biological woman.

The retired UFC star drew upon his extensive experience to emphasize the disparities that become evident when men and women spar at full speed. He stressed that it’s not a matter of superiority but rather an acknowledgment of the unique attributes each gender possesses.

When questioned about the possibility of intergender events in his Gamebred FC promotion, Masvidal’s stance was firm. He asserted that he would rather face financial losses than allow a man to face a woman, unless a highly accomplished woman chose to compete in the men’s division.

”In my many years of my pro career, 28 years being on the mat, I’ve seen what happens when men and women spar and do both full speed. It’s a different kind of strength, it’s a different ligament strength. The testosterone, the bone density or our density, like how we could take a hit to give a hit. Women, I would never. ‘

He clarified that if a transgender athlete sought to compete, it would only be against another transgender opponent, emphasizing the importance of maintaining fairness and respect for individual choices.

Masvidal illustrated his point by referring to Amanda Nunes, a dominant force in women’s MMA. He highlighted the physical differences between male and female stars, emphasizing that Nunes, even as a remarkable female athlete, would likely face insurmountable challenges against top-ranked males.

‘Like, if Amanda Nunes, the greatest women’s fighter. If she competed against some of the top five guys at 135. I think a lot of people would watch just because she was so dominant beyond belief.’

‘No chance. No chance just on the strength department. It is like just something on that alone until you see it happen, it’s unbelievable. Like you could get a girl like Amanda’s caliber against a guy that’s not in the UFC and just on the strength department, but literally manhandle, you know, no pun intended.’

While Masvidal officially retired from the UFC in April after a loss to Gilbert Burns at UFC287, he hinted at a potential return in an earlier conversation with TMZ.