UFC On Vegas 51: Andre Fialho lands stunning Uppercut on Baeza and wins by KO

One of the rare Portuguese nationals on the UFC roster certainly made his compatriots proud.

Andre Fialho faced Miguel Baeza in the main event of UFC on Vegas 51.

The bout started competitively with the two landing significant strikes. Baeza being the taller fighter was attempting to keep the Portuguese at distance while he landed strikes from outside.

Later during the first round, Fialho was able to clinch up with Baeza, and he did not let this opportunity go to waste. The Portuguese proceeded to land several hard uppercuts that sent the American fighter stumbling across the octagon.

Fialho proceeded to stalk his opponent across the cage and land hard punches that forced the referee to intervene.

Despite being his first UFC win, Fialho shows that he has enough capabilities to be a UFC prospect. The Portuguese fighter is very technically sound with his striking and appears to have decent takedown defense.

Even though he lost his first fight, Fialho was one of Michel Pereira’s toughest opponents in the UFC so far.

During his post-fight interview, Andre stated that he wants to keep active, and publicly asked Dana White to get him on the upcoming UFC card.

When Fialho was about to finish his interview, he remembered to thank Marshal Inu for sponsoring him.

Marshall Inu is the infamous cryptocurrency that has been so prominent in the last couple of months in the MMA bubble. Several fighters have thanked the cryptocurrency for sponsoring them so far.