Tyson Fury ‘rejects multi-million deal’ for two more seasons of Netflix documentary

Renowned heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury recently declined a substantial offer for two additional seasons of his captivating Netflix documentary, ‘At Home with the Furys.’

The first series of this documentary delves into the private life of Tyson Fury. It follows his journey alongside his family, which includes his wife Paris and their six children.

The narrative spans from the moment Fury announced his temporary retirement from the boxing arena last year to his successful comeback bout against Dereck Chisora.

This captivating nine-part documentary was launched on Netflix earlier this month, originally intended to comprise of ten episodes. During the project’s initial stages, Fury’s enthusiasm for the endeavor was not particularly high.

Fury candidly shared his initial feelings during an interview with Capital XTRA Breakfast. He stated, “I wanted out. I was like, couple of weeks in, I said: ‘Is there any way [out]?’ I’d be on the phone with my lawyers. ‘Is there any way I can get out of this? I don’t know what I’ve signed up for again. I never said I’d do it again. I’ve done it again, I’ve made a mistake’.”

Despite his reservations, Fury continued with the filming of the first series. However, reports suggest that plans for a second series are currently not in motion.

According to a recent report by Daily Mail, Tyson Fury has declined an offer of ‘millions of pounds’ from Netflix. The streaming giant aims to produce two more seasons of the captivating documentary.

Sources from the television industry revealed that the 35-year-old boxing champion wishes to avoid being perceived as a “reality star.”

A reliable source disclosed to The Mail: “After retiring Tyson saw the Netflix show as a lucrative opportunity in place of the money he would have earned by taking on a fight.”

“But the filming process was particularly stressful and coupled with the fact he’s now an active boxer again after coming out of retirement, he decided to put a series two on hold for the foreseeable future.”

The report also noted that Netflix executives remain interested in collaborating with the Fury family. However, sources indicate that Fury currently has no immediate plans to reconsider the offer.

Tyson Fury is set to make his comeback to the boxing world in October, where he is scheduled to face off against former UFC champion Francis Ngannou. This high-stakes bout will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.